SANDS138 The Largest and Trusted Online Bookie who is holding a freebet bonus promo of IDR 15,000 without a deposit. Through this bonus, players do not need to deposit only must follow the terms and conditions apply. The games on our site are very much therefore, members only need to register one account to enjoy all kinds of games.

SANDS138 Best Online Gambling Sites

  • Freebet bonus can be claimed starting from April 25, 2022-May 8, 2022 at 12:00 WIB- 00:00 WIB.
  • All members are required to register through our official link and use the referral code YK596JNK.
  • New members are required to have a Facebook account with a friendship of at least 200 friends.
  • Required to join our Facebook group via the following link: 
  • It is required to share freebet bonus posts to as many as 5 Facebook groups with the hashtag: #sands138 #sands138official #slotgacor #slotgame #slotonlineindonesia.
  • New members are required to claim freebet bonuses through WhatsApp we by using the format as below:
    • Username ID :
    • Facebook Account Link:
    • Facebook Group Share Post Link:
  • Submit the terms and conditions completely, it must not be separated. To make it easier for admins to verify your data.
  • Requirements for withdrawing as much as 15x TO and a maximum withdrawal of RP200,000.
  • 1 user id and Facebook can only 1x claim. If the conditions are not completed then the bonus will be forfeited
  • The similarity of IP, invalid data and other frauds then the freebet bonus will be scorched.
  • If you spam chat or say rude then the bonus is considered forfeited.

If you have met the terms and conditions of the freebet bonus and have been approved by our admin, please follow the steps for the next bonus, namely the Ramadan Ketupat Promo rp15,000:

  • Please go to the login menu at our link SANDS138.
  • Members are required to fill out a deposit form from the transaction menu and then to the Dana added menu.
  • Required to fill out the deposit form by selecting another Bank after that on the Destination Wallet select Main Wallet
  • Then fill in the deposit amount with a nominal of 10 then click send.
  • Furthermore, the deposit will be approved by our admin and your account already contains a balance of IDR 10,000.
  • Members are advised to go to the transaction menu and then to the bonus claim menu.
  • In the menu select bonus, members are required to choose the Ketupat Ramadhan Promo bonus and then click grab.
  • Required to choose the game / game provider you want to play and then fill in nominal 10 and then click the grab menu.
  • Ketupat Ramadhan promo will be automatically entered for IDR 15,000.

There are many promotions and bonuses that we provide, with terms and conditions are very easy. Only here can you get great benefits as well as easily. Immediately sign up and play your favorite games right now!

Official Website : 

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