SLOTBANGET is the largest online gambling site and presents a variety of interesting games with Freebet for free Rp10,000 without deposit. The game given is in the form of fair play without any setting at all. Players can easily access our site without the addition of a VPN.

Our site has been established since a few years ago, so we are very guaranteed for the security of data, systems and services. Players do not have to worry about playing here because we will provide the best service for all members.

SLOTBANGET Trusted Online Gambling Site

  • The freebet promo is only valid for new members and is required to register at the bottom link of the post.
  • Required to subscribe to our site’s Youtube channel through the link: 
  • Players are required to follow and like Facebook Fanspage via the link: 
  • New members are required to follow and like our site’s Facebook group with the link: 
  • Must share our site posts to other Facebook groups, at least share to 3 Facebook groups.
  • If the terms and conditions of the freebet bonus are completed, you can claim it through WhatsApp we 
  • All new members are required to register using a valid Bank account, not allowed to use E-wallet.
  • If the register member uses invalid Bank account data then the user id and deposit balance will be permanently frozen.
  • If there is a bank account data error, members can contact live chat to correct their data before claiming freebet promo.
  • Freebet bonus promo is processed after the terms and conditions have been met.
  • The requirement to withdraw 10 x turnover is calculated from the nominal freebet.
  • The rest of the deposit should not be left.
  • Maximal withdraw RP200,000 if there is remaining balance then it will be withdrawn by us.
  • During the freebet promo, all turnover will not be counted into the rolling bonus.
  • Freebet bonuses only apply to slot/pragmatic play games.
  • If the player is found playing using the freebet balance on the other game provider then it cannot claim the winnings.
  • There is no similarity of IP and account when participating in this promo.
  • Freebet promos taking place at an unspecified time can also end without notice.

Technological developments make it easier for members to access our site along with reliable staff who are tasked with helping all member transactions for the next 24 hours.

Official Website : 

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